【Luxembourg Space Ecosystem】
March 22, 2022 @Google Meet

★Dr. Jordan Vannitsen (03.22, 16:00pm)

(Host by Wing-Huen Ip / NCU)


【TSU-Mini-SAR Seminar Series】
Nov 24 ~ Dec 15, 2021 @Google Meet

★Prof. Koo Voon Chet (11.24 Wed., 11:00am)
★Prof. 廣瀬明 Akira Hirose (11.24 Wed., 13:30pm)
★Prof. YUN Sang-Ho (12.01 Wed., 11:00am)
★Prof. 胡植慶 Jyr-Ching Hu (12.08 Wed., 10:00am)
★Dr. 古瓊昇 Chiung-Shen Ku (12.15 Wed., 11:00am)

(Host by Yang-Lang Chang / NTUT)


【PRISM Seminar Series No. 4】
May 27 & May 31 & June 1. 2021 @ Google meet

2021.05.27 (Thu) 08:30am(GMT+8)
Instrument, data processing and calibration
Host by Triton program director Mr. Tom Lin (NSPO)

2021.05.31 (Mon) 20:30pm(GMT+8)
Retrieval algorithms
Host by Prof. Hua Chien (NCU)

2021.06.04 (Fri) 08:30am(GMT+8)
Host by Prof. Shu-Chih Yang (NCU)

TSU PRISM Seminar Series No.4 and Video

【PRISM Seminar Series No. 3】
Space Instrumentation
Apr. 13. 2021 @ Google Meet

09:00 (10:00 JST) Prof. Ayako Matsuoka
10:00 (11:00 JST) Prof. Shigeto Watanabe
13:00 (14:00 JST) Prof. Yoshifumi Saito
14:00 (15:00 JST) Prof. Koh-ichiro Oyama

TSU PRISM Seminar Series No.3 and Video

【TSU PRISM Seminar Series No. 2】
-Meteorological & Environmental
Remote Sensing Virtual Online Seminar
  2021.3.23~4.1 @ Google Meet

3/23 10:00am Timothy J. Schmit
3/25 10:00am William L. Smith Sr.,
3/26 10:00am Kai-Wei Chang
3/30 10:00am Tim Olander
4/01 10:00am Shih-Wei Wei

TSU PRISM Seminar Series No.2 and Video

【TSU PRISM Seminar Series No. 1】
- F7/F8 Missions
2021.3.16 @ Google Meet

10:00 am Steven C.R. Chen (NSPO, Taiwan)
11:00 am Alfred Chen (NCKU, Taiwan)
12:00 pm Hsiang-Kuang Chang (NTHU, Taiwan)
14:00 pm Vicky Chu (NSPO, Taiwan)
15:00 pm Shu-Ya Chen (NCU, Taiwan)
16:00 pm Charles Lin (NCKU, Taiwan)

TSU PRISM Seminar Series No.1 and Video

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