Instrument, data processing and calibration

2021.05.27 (Thu)

8:30am (GMT+8) CYGNSS Mission overview
Prof. Chris Ruf (CYGNSS)

9:10am (GMT+8) Current status of TRITON mission
Dr. Yung-Fu Tsai (NSPO)

9:50am (GMT+8) An Overview of the CYGNSS Level 1 Calibration and Lessons Learned
Dr. Mohammad Al-Khaldi (UCAR)

10:30am (GMT+8) Processing and calibration in the TRITON GNSS-R receiver
Prof. Jyh-Ching Juang (NCKU)


Retrieval algorithms

2021.05.31 (Mon)

20:30pm (GMT+8) Combining the new ocean observations for a new windspeed retrieval algorithm
Prof. Hua Chien (NCU)

21:10pm (GMT+8) A new windspeed retrieval algorithm without GMFs
Dr. Rajeswari Balasubramaniam (UMICH)

21:50pm (GMT+8) The software-based GPS/GNSS-R receiving network in Taiwan for ocean monitoring and TRITON data validation
Prof. Lung-Chih Tsai (NCU)


8:30am (GMT+8) Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Air-Sea Flux Applications
Dr. Derek Posselt (JPL/NASA)

9:10am (GMT+8) Applications of CYGNSS on hurricane data assimilation and prediction
Prof. Zhaoxia Pu (UUtah)

09:50am (GMT+8) A primer on soil moisture and GNSS-R
Dr. Clara Chew (NCAR)

10:30 am (GMT+8) On the use of CYGNSS for inland water applications
Dr. Hugo Carreno (UMICH)

11:10am (GMT+8) Assimilating the GNSS-R wind speed for improving the severe weather prediction
Prof. Shu-Chih Yang (NCU)


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