TSU Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.5

June 15, 16:00 pm (GMT+8)
INSPIRE-SAT 5 and 7 missions
Meftah Mustapha (LATMOS, France)

June 23, 09:00 am (GMT+8)
ChipSats: Engineering the World’s Smallest Spacecraft
Zac Manchester
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

June 23, 15:00 pm (GMT+8)
Utilization of Enabling Technologies to Perform Atmospheric Temperature
Sounding from a Microsatellite
Martin Kaufmann and Tom Neubert
(Forschungszentrum Jülich , Germany)


TSU Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.4

5/ 5 (Wed) 10:00 Dr. Chen-Yu Chan
5/10 (Mon) 15:00 Prof. Mathieu Barthélémy
5/17 (Mon) 14:00 Dr. Viktor Dachev
5/17 (Mon) 15:00 Raycho Raychev
5/17 (Mon) 16:00 Prof. Francesco Topputo
5/25 (Tue) 09:00 Dr. Daniel Baker
5/28 (Fri) 16:00 Dr. Mark Bentum


【Mini-Cubesat Webinar 3】
Apr. 13. 2021 @ Google Meet

15:00 PM
Dr. Pierre Drossart
(Observatoire Meudon, France)

The situation of the scientific cubesat program in France

TSU Mini Cubesat Webinar No.3 and Video

【TSU Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.2】
2021.3.11 @ Google Meet

09:00 am Dr. James Mason (University of Colorado, USA)
10:00 am Prof. Mengu Cho (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
11:00 am Prof. Sheng-Long Kao (NTOU, Taiwan)
15:00 pm Prof. Esa Kallio (Aalto University, Finland)
16:00 pm Dr. Antti Kestilä (Finnish Meteorological Institute,

TSU Mini Cubesat Webinar No.2 and Video

【TSU Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.1】
2021.3.3 @ Google Meet

9:00 am Dr. Jeng-Hea (Sam) Yee (JHU/APL, USA)
10:00 am Dr. Chen-Joe Fong (NSPO, Taiwan)
11:00 am Prof. Loren Chang (NCU, Taiwan)
14:00 pm Prof. Amal Chandran (NTU, Singapore)
15:00 pm Prof. Jyh-Ching Juang (NCKU, Taiwan)

TSU Mini Cubesat Webinar No.1 and Video

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