Common Questions | Operational issues | Beginner's Guide

Common Questions

  • Q1: I'm using it for the first time, where do I start?

    A: Please register as holkee member for free, go to "Member" > "My sites" > "Create site", complete the information of "Basic setting" and you can start to edit your website. Each time the modification is completed, please remember to press "Publish" to update the content.

  • Q2: How does your website charge?

    A: Our website builder is permanent free!

  • Q3: Will my site be searchable after publishing? Do you have SEO?

    A: No way to be immediately searched , because the major search engines must be automatically included your site first, fast can be three days, slow be 3 ~ 6 months. We recommend that you can go to the "Member Center" > "My sites" > "Site setting", fill the site information more complete, can help improve the ranking on the search engine.

  • Q4: What is the advantage of Google – AMP?

    A: AMP is a web framework launched by Google. The advantage of AMP is "speed"! Your page speed can make the difference between converting or losing a customer. Faster landing pages typically lead to more conversions. Combining speed and smoother loading, AMP landing pages give people much better user experiences. Landing page experience is an important factor for your Quality Score and Ad Rank of SEO.

  • Q5: I would like to know more, if there is a phone number to call?

    A: holkee currently only offers online consulting services . You can join our holkee fan group, or holkee LINE official website, use the message to contact us. Our customer service time is Monday to Friday, 09:00 ~ 18:00.

Operational issues

  • Q1: Is there any limit on the number of sections, pages or sites?

    A: Yes, each site has a maximum of twelve sections, and each account with a maximum of twelve sites existing at the same time.

  • Q2: Can I use my own domain?

    A: The function is still under development, please look forward to it!

  • Q3: After publishing my website, I want to share to my Facebook page, but my share icon does not appear or updated in my Facebook wall?

    A: This is because the Facebook platform does not update your share icon in real time, it usually automatically updates within hours. If you have urgent to update the Facebook share icon, you can use the Sharing Debugger. Post your publishing URL to the share debugger > Click "Debug" > to click "Crawl again", so that you can update your share icon immediately.

  • Q4: How do I view all the sites I created in holkee?

    A: Click the "Member Center" > "My sites" to view all of your sites, and you can also set up site settings, upload community share icons, go directly to the editor, view sites, delete sites, and more.

  • Q5: Why did I request GMB fail?

    A: GMB is provided to a merchant with a specific address, if you fail to do so, please email to and our support team will assist you about the application.