Beginner's Guide

  • Q:How to set up your brand websites?

    A:Desktop Version - holkee Tutorial Part 1

Common Questions

  • Q1: I'm using it for the first time, where do I start?

    A: Please register as a free member. Go to "Member" → "My account" → "Basic setting", complete the information and you can start to edit your website. Each time the modification is completed, please remember to press "Publish" to update the content.

  • Q2: Which theme is suitable for my industry?

    A: Any theme that you enter to the website builder, you can use the "Add new section" function and freely sort the order of the sections, as long as you change the background and product image, it can become your exclusive website! See our showcase to inspire your imagination.

  • Q3: What is the difference between brand website and shop site?

    A: holkee now provides two main services. First is the brand website, using Google - AMP technology, you can build an official website, event website or personal website, etc. The second is the shop site with custom payment and logistics. Upgrade to premium can have more advanced features!

  • Q4: How does your website charge?

    A: You can register for a free member permanently or upgrade to premium have more advanced features!

  • Q5: What is the difference between general members and premium members?

    A: General member: You can use a "free" theme, and the limited number of brand websites is 1; new sections cannot be added (if you want to try other sections, please go to the theme page to add a new one), limited types of sections, embedded ads, and no e-commerce feature.
    Premium member: The limited number of brand websites is 2(you can buy the additional item to build more websites), each site has unlimited sections, connect your domain (including free SSL security), all types of sections and themes are unlocked and no ads permanently. You can also get a free e-commerce site with payment and logistics methods.

  • Q6: How do I get my website to be searched on Google?

    A: No way to be immediately searched, the main search engines do automatically include your site, as fast as 2 to 3 days, as slow as 3 to 6 months. We recommend that you can go to the "Member Center" → "My sites" → "Site setting", fill out the site information that can help improve the ranking on the search engine.

  • Q7: How do I create a website with a custom domain?

    A: Upgrade to premium, you can create a website with a unique URL. To look more professional online, you can also connect your domain (1 set, not including buy a domain).

  • Q8: What is AMP? What is the advantage?

    A: AMP is a web framework launched by Google. The advantage of AMP is "speed"! Your page speed is key point between converting or losing a customer. Faster landing pages typically lead to more conversions. Combining speed and smoother loading, AMP landing pages give people much better user experiences. Landing page experience is an important factor for your Quality Score and Ad Rank of SEO.

  • Q9: What payment and logistics methods holkee offers?

    A: We provide custom payments and logistics methods. There is no integration with the other payment or logistical system, so you have to confirm payment and delivery by yourself.

  • Q10: Are there any hidden costs in shop site, such as commission or transaction fee?

    A: There won't be any hidden costs, no commission nor transaction fee in shop site.

  • Q11: Can I create a shop site in countries outside of Taiwan?

    A: Yes, you can! ECPAY is for the Taiwan area only, but you can use custom payments and logistics methods, such as cash on delivery, offline payment, post office delivery, seller home delivery, self-pickup or custom logistics.

  • Q12: I would like to know more, is there a call that I can contact?

    A: holkee currently only offers online consulting services. You can join our Facebook, use the message to contact us. Our customer service time is Monday to Friday, 09:00 ~ 18:00.

Operational issues

  • Q1: How do I check all the brand websites that I created in holkee?

    A: Go to "Member" → "My sites", you can check all sites that you created, complete the site setting, upload share images, edit your site or delete your site.

  • Q2: How do I set up my shop site to connect with my brand site?

    A: Please create your brand website and set it in public, then go to "Member" → "My store" → "Settings" → "Information Settings" → "Connect to your holkee brand site" → "Select your brand site", it will be shown on "Home" in the menu bar of shop site, which can link to the brand site you specified. It is recommended that you can use the "product" section of the brand site to import the product information of the shop site quickly.

  • Q3: Can I install tracking codes, pixels, etc.?

    A: Upgrade to Premium, buy the additional item "Tracker Settings" and you can install tracking codes of GTM、Facebook Pixel、Yahoo Dot.

  • Q4: Can I upload a website icon(favicon)?

    A: Upgrade to Premium, buy the additional item "Website icon" and you can have a unique site identifier, displayed in the browser's address bar and next to the site's name in a list of bookmarks.

  • Q5: How do you find the URL of a LINE?

    A: Personal Line URL: (1) Open Line APP by mobile → click "Add friends", (2) Click "Invite", (3) Choose "SMS", (4) Pick up one of users, and press "Invite", (5) The Line URL will display in your SMS content and copy it! ex:。 Official LINE account URL: (1) Log in to your LINE official account, and you can see the option of "Gain friends" in the left menu, (2) Promote by community or email, just copy the URL and use it.

  • Q6: What should I do if there is an error message on my website?

    A: To ensure that your browser display in the latest version, please execute the following steps: (1) clear the cookies, cache images, and files of your browser, (2) or execute "Ctrl + F5", "Ctrl + Shift + R" in the desktop version, (3) you can also open another window in incognito or inprivate. If you still have operational issues, please contact us.

  • Q7: After publishing my website, I want to share to my Facebook page, but my share icon does not appear or updated in my Facebook wall?

    A: This is because the Facebook platform does not update your share icon in real time, it usually automatically updates within hours. If you have urgent to update the Facebook share icon, you can use the Sharing Debugger. Post your publishing URL to the share debugger → click "Debug" → click "Crawl again", so that you can update your share icon immediately.