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We adhered to the core tenet of "Enhancing User Experience", the website you create will be published by Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google - AMP). The advantage of AMP is "SPEED"!

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Google - AMP

The page load time for the AMP page was less than one second, a huge improvement from the previous non-AMP load time.

SEO Improvement

All you need is focus on your website content, holkee help you catch up with the annual trend of search engine optimization.

Brand New Site Builder

Strong, intuitive and simple. No coding skills are required and no server setup is needed.

Event Website

Instead of kicking customers straight to an official page, grab their attention on your distinguished event site.

Total Solution of Internet Digital Marketing

holkee is the all-in-one and permanent free platform. The freedom for you to create websites of mobile optimized, SEO, security and performance of the Amazon Web Services.

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Mini Online Store - Taiwan Area Only

holkee does not charge commission fees, transaction fees, and annual fees. You can earn 100% of what you have worked.

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  • We seamlessly integrate with the third party payment company - ECPAY. To register a free personal or business member and get a favorable fee of ECPAY.

  • Manage your orders, products, and settings of your online store by the easy interface of the member center.

  • Free SSL certificate breeds trust when shopping. Your customers get the best shopping experience and establish a high level of trust with your brand.