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Brand Story

Zenty was established in 2010, designing professional air insoles for health. The initiative was hold as the secondary hearts “feet” are of tantamount importance to our body.

Adhering to "innovation", "comfort" and "health", we devote to refinement and quality in techniques; thereafter the R&D team has developed insoles with independent cylinder structures,fully supporting soles and fitting any foot shape.

Zenty sticks to the belief bringing health to feet and joy for the health and well-being of body, expecting to give down-to-earth happiness for your life.


1.In 2020, the first pair of independent cylinder air insoles made from leather were invented.

2.In 2020, our products were exported to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

3.In 2012, the second generation of air insoles made from leather were invented.

4.In 2013, the first pair of air insoles made from bamboo charcoal were invented and
exported to China, Hong Kong and Macao.

5.In 2014, our products were exported to Germany, U.S.A ,UK, and Australia.

6.In 2015, our products were exported to Korea and Japan.

7.In 2016, the second generation of air insoles made from bamboo charcoal were invented and exported to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

8.In 2017, our products were exported to Indonesia, Philippine, and Kuwait.

9.In 2018, super active air insoles for sports were invented and exported to India and Brunei.

10.In 2019, medical air insoles with far infrared and negative ions were invented and exported to Russia.

ITEX Gold Award

Zenty took part in Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) from 2012 to 2014 and won gold medals for three years in a row.


Zenty has acquired patents in Taiwan, China, Korea, the U.S.A,Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

Medical Device Validation

In 2019, Zenty acquired Class I medical device license from Ministry of Health and Welfare


Medical Device Validation

"ZENTY" silver ion series SGS insole antibacterial test certificate


Product Attribute

‧With more than 107 silica gel independent cylinders in an insole, it absorbs shock and impact on one's walks

‧Air insoles are automatically adjusted to arch height, fully filling the gap in the arches of the foot.

‧Ventilation holes specially designed allow for a clean and fresh sole

‧The concept of three-point balanced design helps adjust incorrect walking posture and reduce sole pressure.

‧Wearing an insole upside down works as massage, stimulating acupuncture points and reducing fatigue and discomfort on the soles

【Leather Edition】

With insoles made from artificial leather, the eco-friendly concept enables Zenty insoles to be non-polluting, waterproof and easy to clean.


【Bamboo Charcoal Edition】

The bamboo charcoal fiber selected from a listed company, Taiwan PAIHO, is made through micron grinding and biochemical technology. The texture is intricate, abounding with minerals beneficial to health. It can decompose harmful substances in the air, inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate odor, optimizing ventilation an moisture permeability.


【Super Active Edition】

For those with high physical activeness, the flexibility of silica gel increases by 30%↑, in comparison with the bamboo charcoal materials. It can absorb vibration and impact force during exercise, reducing stress on soles. The rear part of the insole is lengthened by 20%↑, attaining a full-scale wrap.


【Nano-Silver ions (Ag+)】

Especially for users with foot odor and sweating sole, the Nano-Silver series applies high-tech Nano-Silver ions (Ag+) element embedded in the premium selected bamboo charcoal fiber. This provides an antibacterial mechanism on numerous bacterials like Staphylococcus epidermidis, Bacillus stubtillis, and Propionibacterium, to eliminate shoe odor as a result.


【Medical Edition With Far Infrared And Negative Ions】




Q: Is it applicable to plantar fasciitis (jogger's heel).
A: It is.

Q: Is it applicable to flat feet?
A: It is. Zenty insoles can support the arches of the foot with independent cylinders

Q: Are there any size available?
A: There are two sizes, the one for women 20.5~25.5CM and the one for men 24.5~30CM.

Q: How to use it?
A: Take out the old insoles and map them with the new ones. Crop the new insoles accordingly. If there is not any insole to map with, a chart in the box can be used for reference.

Q: How long can it endure?
A: It varies depending on weight, activeness and kinds of work. It can be used until all the independent cylinders are damaged.

Q: Can it be washed?
A: The leather edition can be washed with detergent or water.
B: The bamboo charcoal edition, super active edition and medical edition with far infrared and negative ions cannot be washed with detergent but water.

Q: How often should it be washed?
A: Once a week to ten days. It also depends on individuals.

Q: Wearing upside down can work as massage. How long should it last?
A: Around forty minutes, but no more than an hour.

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