Lunar Simulants at CLASS Exolith Laboratory

Dr. Zoe Landsman
Florida Space Institute, USA

CORGIE: Confirming Orbital Remote-sensing with Ground Information Experiments for NASA’s PRISM PROGRAM

Dr. Gordon Chin
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771

Lunar Mobility

Prof. Paul van Susante
Michigan Technical University, USA

Science Achievements of SELENE / Terrain Camera
(with Lessons Learned)

Dr. Junichi Haruyama

Laboratory Study of Electrostatic Dust Transport - Implications for the Moon and airless bodies

Dr. Sean Hsu
LASP, CU Boulder, CO, USA

Space Plasma Physics Science Opportunities for the Lunar Orbiter Platform- Gateway

Dr. Iannis Dandouras
IRAP, CNRS / Universite de Toulouse / CNES, Toulouse, France

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