TSU-Georgia Tech SMART Online Course

A new series of weekly online lectures on spacecraft technology to be given jointly by Georgia Tech professors and professors of several universities in Taiwan will start in March until June. This lecture series at graduate level is open to everyone who is interested in various aspects of satellite missions with emphasis on cubesats.

The one-hour lecture will take place at 9:00 am on Thursdays (UTC+8). Please remember to sign up.


Curriculum Schedule

3/31 Prof. Glenn Lightsey——The Future of Spacecraft Manufacturing: Addressing Modern Design Challenges
4/07 Prof. Jyh-Chin Juang——Development and Flight Results of the IRIS-A CubeSat
4/14 Prof. Steven Liang——First-and-Every-Part-Right Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing and the Aerospace Applications
4/21 Prof. Loren Chang——Building Smaill Sat. Capacity at NCU: IDEASSat and INSPIRESat-1
4/28 Prof. Kamran Paynabar——AKM2D: An adaptive framework for online sensing and anomaly quantification.
5/05 Prof. Fu-Yuen Hsiaor——Photonic Laser Propusion: A Future Solution to Interstellar Travel?
5/19 Prof. Jud Ready——The Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Polar Ice on the Moon
5/26 Prof. Koki Ho——Space Logistics and Mission Design
6/02 Prof. Chien-Yuh Yang——Development of cooling systems for low earth orbits communication satellites
6/09 Prof. Shian-Ching Jang
6/16 Prof. Brian Gunter

Recoreded Videos

Preview of Series

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