Origins of Lunar Water

Dr. Parvathy Prem
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)

The Lunar regolith

Prof. Daniel Britt
(University of Central Florida, USA)

Diurnally Migrating Water on the Moon: Evidence from LRO LAMP

Dr. Amanda R. Hendrix

The present-day meteoroid flux on the lunar surface
-from recordings of seismic impact events, observations of impact flashes, and statistics of fresh craters

Prof. Jurgen Oberst
(German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Planetary Research
Technical Univ. Berlin, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation Sciences)

Lunar seismology
Start and possibile next step of Planetary seismology?

Dr. Philippe Lognonne
(Institut de physique du globe de Paris
Universite de Paris, France)

Lunar volcanism

Prof. Harald Hiessinger
(University of Muenster, German)

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