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Red-bean graduated from the Dance Department of the Taiwan University of Arts, has taken root in the dance class system since she was a child. After graduating, she became curious about different ways of body training and began to get in touch with yoga and desired to share what she learned to her students. Her humorous and interesting teaching style makes the yoga class much more fun!

YACEP 20-hour yoga teacher training
American Yoga Alliance 25 Hour Aerial Yoga Junior Certificate- Level 1
All Yoga RYT 200 hours
In 2013, participated in 16 performances of "1875 Ravel & Bolero" and made a tour of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau with the modern dance company of Mr. Zhou and dance group.
In 2013, participated in the Macao City Fringe Festival.
In 2016, participated in the NTNU Graduate Institute Of Performing Arts, and as an off-campus dancer of Gao Xingjian's original works - the modern dance drama "Lingshan".

Red-bean | Esther

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When yoga meets the yoga wheel

Yoga wheel helps you nail difficult stretches safely. It helps in releasing our back. It will help you a lot if you’re not a fan of practicing traditional backbends.

Yoga seems safe but less focus may cause injury. Yoga wheels help in preventing injuries. This tool is developed to work with your body, and you may practice brilliant things to prevent yourself from injury.
Yoga wheel helps in improving flexibility. According to experts, when we use the yoga wheel in our daily practice, it helps boost our confidence to stretch more than normal, which eventually allows our body to move in a way like never before.
Yoga wheel helps in relieving us from pains and aches. When we are in pain, workout becomes our least favorite activity. Instead of lying on the bed with a high dose of pain killers, you may practice gentle poses with a yoga wheel to soothe away discomfort and soreness for better results.

You may strengthen your spine by relying on the yoga wheel. You may feel off-balance or instability in initial stages, but when you get used to it, act like a support system. It boosts your confidence, and you’ll start feeling much stronger eventually.

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