The Gift Shop of Grace Covenant
came from a period of recuperation. At that time, the fetal image was unstable during pregnancy, so we decided to take away the manicure and eyelashes business that had been in operation for 17 years, and returned home to have a good pregnancy. Unfortunately, our four children are still Production did not go smoothly. During this time of restoration, I relied on Jesus through prayer, overcame many sorrows, experienced the gloomy valley of death that was infected when the water broke prematurely and gave birth, and endured a marriage that was not favored or even cursed. Many heavenly Father's abundant supply and love cover.

在休養期間因為不習慣沒有工作的日子,但又無能為力,就思考著我能做什麼呢? 天父給我很棒的手藝,可以做出指甲大小般的藝術品,在各大比賽中獲獎無數,更曾在2015年獲得亞洲盃延甲冠軍,勝過七個國家國際的延甲好手,所以一個感動,就開始做起微型藝術十字架來~剛開始只做了簡單的款式,後來加入乾燥花,意外成為了經典的花藝十字架商品,還曾獲基督教今日報報導。
During my recuperation, because I was not used to the days without work, but I couldn’t do anything, I was thinking what can I do? Heavenly Father gave me a great craftsmanship, I can make works of art the size of nails, and I have won numerous awards in major competitions , and even won the Asian Cup Yanjia Championship in 2015, which is better than the Yanjia players from seven countries, so when I was touched, I started to make miniature art crosses~ At first, I only made simple styles, and later added dry flowers. , accidentally became a classic floral cross product, and was also reported by Christian Today.

We have tried a lot of creations combining media. During this period, many fans took the initiative to come to us, hoping to order unique gifts for others. We challenged many new technologies and new creations based on different needs. Many fans and friends even send or take the products of the Covenant of Grace abroad.
He also received many special invitations, and indirectly blessed the hairy children, wedding groups, circular economy, social enterprises... and other industries that have no boundaries across fields.

Our original Design handmade, each product is unique, because the purpose of the Covenant of Grace Gift Shop is "Everyone is unique and beautiful created by the Father" You don't need to be the same as others, you are the one created by the Father, A light that is placed in a special group to bless people.

路加福音 22:31-32,「但我已經為你祈求,叫你不至於失了信心。你回頭以後,要堅固你的弟兄。”」 讓我們一起將天國行在地上如同行在天上!
Luke 22:31-32, "But I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. When you turn back, strengthen your brothers." Let's walk the kingdom of heaven on earth as we walk in heaven!
Receiving this verse, we bravely stepped into the cultural and creative market and started from scratch. The Heavenly Father led the way, and let the covenant of grace slowly expand to all places.

因著往外走,認識了很多手作的朋友,並連結了很多姊妹店,互相支持鼓勵,成就了恩典之約禮物店可以在台灣各地寄售,甚至到海外去參展,為了參加市集收集資料,也創立了一個社團平台 全台市集,目前經營了五年,累積兩萬多人,大家會主動依照月份,將活動分享至平台,讓更多想參與市集的初心者可以輕易的找到適合的資源。
Because of going abroad, I met many friends who made handicrafts, and connected with many sister shops, supported and encouraged each other, and fulfilled the Covenant of Grace. The gift shop can be sold on consignment all over Taiwan, and even go to overseas exhibitions to collect information in order to participate in the market. It has also created a community platform Taiwan Market, which has been in operation for five years and has accumulated more than 25,000 people. Everyone will take the initiative to share the activities on the platform according to the month, so that more beginners who want to participate in the market can easily find suitable ones. resource.

Because I experienced domestic violence, I finally got out of it. It took more than ten years to recover, until Heavenly Father measured a husband who loved me and rejoined the family.

Fully understand single parent, single, and involuntary, unable to work or to work well. Since there are many groups of people who cannot go out to work, such as full-time mothers, people with limited mobility, people who cannot work for a long time, and even the dreams that mothers have forgotten for a long time, we also encourage them to practice, and also provide a simple way of consignment cooperation, slowly Help various ethnic groups to connect and cooperate to grow together.

The Covenant of Grace has not been successfully sold in ordinary Christian bookstores, but Heavenly Father has wonderfully opened up the way of consignment in Taiwan's cultural and creative palace-level Eslite Bookstore. Before the epidemic, we had 12 counters in Taiwan selling handmade crosses and Friends' handmade gifts.

信的人都在一處,凡物公用。使徒行傳 2:44
All believers are in one place, and all things are in common. Acts 2:44
In 2020, the Kaohsiung High Speed ​​Rail Zuoying Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and the first floor of Rainbow Market will give us the counters we have prayed for for two years, and even double the grace to allow more Taiwanese cultural and creative design Teachers share the grace of the Father.
We hope that because of the repairing power of Jesus' love, we can share our experience and move and bless more people.

恩典之約禮物店 是你們的支持、鼓勵成長起來的,謝謝這一路上所有支持我們的粉絲朋友們,還有做出溫暖作品的台灣設計師們!
The Covenant of Grace Gift Shop is your support and encouragement to grow up. Thank you to all the fans and friends who have supported us along the way, as well as the Taiwanese designers who have made warm works!

When you are at a low ebb, don’t forget that someone is there Pray for you. There seems to be no road ahead... Desperate friends, don't forget Jesus, Jesus is the only way, truth, and life that can save you.

Thanks to the grace of Heavenly Father all the way, we are truly walking on the way of grace. Looking back at the Covenant of Grace Gift Shop is a testimony to a miracle. Looking forward to meeting us at a handmade market, don't forget to take the initiative to meet and say hello to us~ We are happy to share the testimony of various miracles with you ♥

#有溫度的手感禮物 #獻給天父眼中獨特美好的你 #恩典之約禮物店
#Dedicated to the unique beauty in the eyes of the heavenly father of you #gracecourtgiftshop


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十一月進駐 - 鳳山青年夜市(舊)/​與"給Give貝果.咖啡"合作寄售
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