About Us

Everybody got the story. We start with a woman bag
But beyond our concept and design process
Musiko is made up of peoples that have enthusiasm of life
We want to live lives that are full and satisfying.
So we create Musiko

"Musiko" brand spirit
~ An attitude to pursue a better lifestyle ~
Bringing unique design concepts.
To offer beauty through cultural innovation!
So that everyone can show their own restrained beauty.
Unique artistic fashion spirit creates extraordinary rhythm of life

Musiko Lifestyle ~
We hopes to continue to innovate design
Provide more diverse choices and services to consumers

"Design" is no longer an expensive consumer

【Que Tongue Tea Image】

The design adopts the appearance of Oriental tea leaves as an image
In addition to the unique appearance

The carry strap can be adjusted, which is convenient for long and short
Easy to be adjust in any occasion

There is a zipper in bag
And inner bag also has a zipper bag
which is convenient for carrying private items

There is also a pocket at the back side
which is convenient for carrying mobile phone items
It is a design package that combines function and fashion

【Yunnan Black Tea Image】

Appearance design with fresh leaf version
60% of the production process requires manual slicing and production methods
The bag body needs to be sliced and then sewn separately
The cap of the bag needs to be present stereoscopic leaf vein shape

In addition to the unique points of appearance
The leather is made of microfiber leather
Soft, light and environmentally friendly
Easy maintenance and wear-resistant and waterproof

The strap can be adjusted, which is convenient for long and short
The design of bag is wide and flat
Can be used in official banquet
Also can use in any occasion
There is a zipper outside the cover
Combining the convenience of anti-theft and withdrawal
Suitable for traveling abroad or shopping
Is a very conspicuous unique design

International Cross-Border Shop

Musiko Lifestyle

Leaf design S$ 121.51

Leaf design RM 341.25

desain daun Rp1.562.565

การออกแบบใบ ฿ 2,270

Leaf design AU$ 108.40

Your confidence comes from choice

Your elegance comes from confidence


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