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Fumi Yoshida

Name: Fumi Yoshida
Nationality: Japan
• Undergraduate course:
Mar. 31, 1990, Fukuoka University of Education, Science course (Bachelor)
• Graduate course:
Mar. 31, 1999, Fukuoka University of Education, Natural Science Education
(Master degree),
Mar. 31, 2002, Kobe University, Science (Ph. D.)

Job experience:
• Apr. 1, 2017 ‒ to the present: Associate Staff Scientist, Planetary Exploration
Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology (Chiba)
• Jul. 1, 2020 ‒ to the present: Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Department of
Basic Sciences, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan

Homer F. DaBoll Award

Research specialties:
Observational research of the solar system small bodies


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