Marco Fulle

Marco Fulle was born in Chiavari GE Italy on 30 April 1958, and got the physics degree at Physics Dept. of Genova University, Italy, in July 1982.
He is astronomer at Trieste Astronomical Observatory since May 1988, and has 234 refereed papers on comets (H_index = 49), of which 58 as first author (H_index = 24).
He has been IDS of the ESA Rosetta mission since 1994 up to the end of the mission in 2016, and Co-I of the OSIRIS and GIADA experiments on board of it.
In the last years he is working on thermophysics of nucleus structure and activity, aiming to organize the huge amount of Rosetta data in a self-consistent scenario.
This activity is more and more constraining the structure and chemistry of the solar protoplanetary disk and the processes leading to the formation of planetesimals.


Horst Uwe Keller

Dr.Dr.h.c. Horst Uwe Keller
Born on 25 January 1941 in Prague
Institut für Geophysik und extraterrestrische Physik Universität Braunschweig
DLR Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin

1953 - 1960 Oberschule in Hamburg
1960 - 1963 Study of physics at Universität Hamburg, Vordiplom
1963 - 1967 Study of physics at Universität München, Diploma (Prof. P. Wellmann)
1967 - 1971 PhD at Max-Planck-Institut für Physik und Astrophysik (Prof. L. Biermann)
1977 Habilitation in Astronomy und Astrophysics at Universität Göttingen

1967 - 1971 PhD in Astrophysik at Universität München
1971 - 1972 Scientific employee MPI für Physik und Astrophysik, München
1972 - 1975 Postdoc LASP, U. of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA
1975 - 1976 Scientific employee MPI für Physik und Astrophysik, München
1976 - 1987 Scientific employee Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie, Katlenburg-Lindau
1987 - 2010 Leader of Planetenforschungsgruppe MPAe, now MPI für Sonnensystemforschung
2006 – 2010 after formal retirement: continuation on honorarium basis MPS
2010 - Guest scientist IGEP, TU Braunschweig
2014 - Guest scientist DLR Institut für Planetenforschung, Asteroiden und Kometen, Berlin
Participation in many space missions to comets and asteroids, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn and Titan

Principal Investigator:
Halley Multicolour Camera (ESA Giotto mission)
SIR Infrared Spectrometer for SMART 1 (ESA Moon mission)
OSIRIS Science Imagers (Rosetta mission)
Framing Camera (NASA Dawn mission)

Stern Gerlach Preis der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft 1990,
Publication Award des Naval Research Laboratory, Washington 1992
Deutscher TV Preis „Der Goldene Löwe“ 1997
Christiaan Huygens Medal of the European Geophysical Union 2008
Doctor honoris causa University Aix-Marseille November 2016
Several awards from NASA and ESA

Ca. 300 publications covering the following research fields: physics and dynamics of comets, stellar atmospheres, interplanetary/interstellar gas, planetary atmospheres (Mars), atmosphere-surface interactions, photometric surface properties (asteroids, Titan), method of image analysis. I was responsible (principal investigator) for the Rosetta OSIRIS science cameras and am still involved in the data analyses of the Rosetta mission..


Rosetta plunging in the protoplanetary disk

Dr. Marco Fulle

Physics of Cometary Nuclei – from Giotto to Rosetta

Prof. Keller Horst Uwe

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