TSU- Mini-Moon Seminar Series No. 11 ( July, 2021)
@ Google Meet

July 2, 09:00 am(GMT+8)
Lunar In-situ Resource Utilization
Clive R. Neal (University of Notre Dame, USA)

July 2, 10:00 am(GMT+8)
Lunar wake potential structures inferred from ARTEMIS observations
Shaosui Xu (University of California, USA)

July 2, 13:00 am(GMT+8)
Interaction between Solar Wind and Lunar Magnetic Anomalies Revealed by
Kaguya MAP-PACE Observations
Yoshifumi Saito (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan)

July 2, 14:00 am(GMT+8)
Electromagnetic sounding of the lunar interior
Shahab Fatemi (Umeå universitet, Sweden)

July 2, 09:00 am(GMT+8)

July 2, 10:00 am(GMT+8)

July 2, 13:00 pm(GMT+8)

July 2, 14:00 pm(GMT+8)

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