Insights into Supernova Science using Machine Learning

Ms. Eleonora Parrag (Cardiff University, UK)

My machine learning adventures

Dr. Edward Lin (University of Michigan, USA)

Machine Learning Classification of Mira Variables in the MCs and M33

Mr. JiaYu Ou (National Central University, Taiwan)

Characterising Exoplanets with Machine Learning, Challenges and Lesson Learnt

Dr. Kai Hou Yip (University College London, UK)

Beyond the Hubble sequence — ML/AI for galaxy morphology

Dr. Sunny Ting-Yun Cheng (Durham University, UK)

NEural Engine for Discovering Luminous Events (NEEDLE): identifying rare transient candidates in real time from host galaxy images

Ms. Xin-Yue Sheng (Queen's University Belfast, UK)

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