The use of digital video has become more commonplace, new DTV/DVB systems actually and more stringent audio requirement than previously faced. 1GHz can’t be satisfied, as it’s up to 3GHz (6GHz, 12GHz).The broadcast landscape is undergoing profound changes. To meet the demand, S-Conn has developed many new series connectors to embrace market disruption.


.High definition television (HDTV)
.Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
.Serial digital interface (SDI)
.6G-SDI (SMPTE ST2081)
.12G-SDI (SMPTE ST2082)

UB Hand Tool


Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Range 0 to 12GHz
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500 V rms
Voltage Rating ≥500 V rms (depending on cable)
Insulation Resistance ≥5 GΩ

Mating Bayonet Coupling
Connector Durability ≥500 Cycles (for beryllium copper contact)
Recommended Mating Torque 0.6 lbs ~ 2.5 lbs
Coupling Nut Retention Force ≥101.2 lbs

Why to choose

Ultra Tiny BNC delivers Real 75 ohm performance in a PCB Mounting type 51% smaller than old faction BNC connectors.

Design to enhance electrical and mechanical performance, the Ultra Tiny BNC connector with the trusted bayonet interface, push and turn mating same as the old faction BNC.

Provided a reliable locking way to make sure the mating could be fast and correctly positioned.

We used the same cable and termination specifications of traditional broadcast connectors makes adopting Ultra Tiny BNC seamless.


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