We are a professional global brands agent, focusing on the market in Taiwan.

Trade with Spain, Japan, Korea, China, UK, USA
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Reliable Visionary Innovative

Our team, E-Lure Enterprise Ltd, is a Taiwan based company that introduces overseas high-quality products for sales and operation. It mainly imports beauty products and cosmetic products, acting and operating a number of popular brands, such as Japan Gals, Obey your Body (Spain), etc.

Besides, E-Lure is focusing on the market in Taiwan. We have a range of hand-made decorations and functional apparel that have high public acceptability on physical and virtual channels.

E-Lure Enterprise Ltd strives to introduce unique and creative products to improve customers’ life quality.

COSSET Cosmetics
London brand

Cosset _British Cosmetic brand

e-Lure _General Agent in Taiwan

New York Fashion Week



Digital Marketing
Google Ads
On-line Advertising
Social Media


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